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Toshiba e800 SENA Cases

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 ・Sena Case review for Toshiba e80x
Sena is one the top manufacturers of PocketPC cases and they have recently made available their offering for the Toshiba e800/e805. At a high level, this is a top notch case for people that want solid protection for their device as well as some great quality and style. In addition, the price point on is on par or even lower than their competitors.

 ・TOSHIBA e800-e805 SENA Cases

PocketPC Toolsに、e800シリーズ用SENAのケースのレビュー記事が掲載されていますが、今まで知らなかったのですが、ケース装着のままクレードルに乗っちゃうんですね〜。 それからケース装着時の各コネクタへのアクセシビリティの良さと、ツートンカラーも引き締まってて、好印象です^^。

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