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Pocket Informant 2005 Release2.1

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 Pocket Informantの最新バージョン 2005のRelease2.1がリリースされたようです。 当該バージョンに対応する日本語化リソースは、まだ用意されておりません。 最悪、PIMデータが壊れる可能性もありますのでRelease2以前のモノは流用しないで下さい。


Release Log for Pocket Informant 2005 R2.1

  • Foundational: -Optimize the Category Color display by turning them OFF by default if none exist
  • Foundational: WM5: Dynamic Category Reading to help improve speed
  • Foundational: Tightened up the spacing
  • Foundational: Improved Saving of prefs
  • Feature: WM5: Added support for new Privacy types
  • Bug: WM5: Removed some category handling code that is unneccesary under WM5
  • Bug: WM5: Fixed all day appts having an extra day added to them
  • Bug: WM5: Fixed over 12 operations that were checking for a postiive OID to operate (which is fine for WM2003, but not WM5)
  • Bug: WM5: Fixed Tasks Update Handling Filter
  • Bug: Fixed a logic bug in internal update change handler
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where in the Journal Dialog the Edit menu for Creating items did not work
  • Bug: Fixed a SV crash by having the CRegistry class check that the regkey its loading is the right TYPE of value,
  • Bug: Fixed bug where WV Maximized window never was brought to the front in some situations
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where some numbers without + characters in front would not dial on some phones
  • Bug: Fixed non-substantive bug in CRegistry closing registry sessions
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where some duplicate tasks could show up after creation
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where some categories don't get properly checked in the category picker
  • Bug: Improved reliability of some Contacts Internal String code
  • Bug: Restored old PI code which deleted completely blank Category Records which would randomly cause Contacts not to open
  • Bug: WM5: Converted final GetCEDBOID Code to GetPIMType() functions
  • Bug: Fixed IntlEnglish/Italian WV Start Day option in PISettings.dat
  • Bug: Changed "Tasks: Force High Priority Tasks to Display" to "Tasks: Force Undated High Priority Tasks to Display"
  • Bug: Fixed a crash when saving a contact with the Preview Window up
  • Bug: Improved the Search View hotspot icons in search results

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