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 チト、諸々の所用でエントリー書けない状況ですので、(私が^^;)興味あったPDAネタへのリンクのみでスマソです。 時間取れましたら補足エントリーします…(期待薄々です)

 ・Fossil Palm OS Wrist PDA on Sale for $80 (
 ・GPS for DS  (natrium42)
 ・The LG9800, LG’s upper class QWERTY phone (Engadget)
 ・Pocket PC Web browsers – the complete roundup (Pocket PC Thoughts)
 ・Gmail Tutorial Setup For PPC (AximSite)
 ・Tungsten C is Gone!!  ・Tungsten C still available (Palm Addict)
 ・Tungsten C on clearence: $199 at OfficeMax (BargainPDA)
 ・i-mate JAM Limited Edition Released (Pocket PC Thoughts)
 ・Intel to PDA Manufacturers - Time to Upgrade (BargainPDA)
 ・Windows Mobile 5.0 supports concurrent and seamless WAN and W-LAN data connections  (the::unwired)
 ・Windows Mobile 5.0 Allows a Single Application to Run on Both Pocket PCs and Smartphones (Brighthand)
 ・Rumors: New OS testing; no Treo this year (BargainPDA)

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