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Treo650 2年契約なら$299オフ

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 ・Buy a Treo™ 650 smartphone—get up to $100 back (Treo Store
Now, for a limited time, when you buy a Treo™ 650 smartphone direct from Palm with new mobile service from any of our service providers, you can get a $100 mail in rebate when you sign up for a two-year service contract. Or get a $50 rebate with a one-year service contract. That means now you can get the hottest new smartphone around for as low as $299.


Peace! こういう契約割引サービスを見るたびに、海外移住したくなります。。^^; ていうか、それ以前にTreoを国内でも携帯電話として使いたい…T^T)

Posted by tk109 at 2005年08月09日 11:03 | トラックバック