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WM5.0 for the HTC Blue Angel (PDA2k, MDAIII, Qtek9090, etc.) is Here! (追記)

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 ・WM5 on BA - finally!!!  (
 You just HAVE to love XDA Developers. The WM5 ROM for the HTC Blue Angel is here!!

 ※導入される方は自己責任で… (DLにはサイト登録が必要です&確実に腫れます^^;)

 ・I have Windows Mobile 5.0 working on my BlueAngel
 ・KOTETU’s Hatena : WM5.0 for the HTC Blue Angel 成功したみたい。サスガ^^!
 ・shino-blog (Avi's) : BlueAngel WM5 Upgrade 完了  aviさんも上手く行った^^!

First there are a couple of things:

1. You use this at your own risk.
2., and ALL its staff disavow any and EVERY liability for anything related to this story. I'm just reporting the development of interest regarding the HTC Blue Angel.
3. This ROM is seriously untested, and not everything is known about it yet. I have no idea if it works; and if it works, still works with the phone and every other peice of hardware in the device (and all its variants)
4. This ROM is the GSM ROM. The CDMA ROM hasn't been developed yet, so all of you Sprint and Verizon customers are going to have to wait some more.

Yes, I downloaded the ROM. No, I haven't installed it yet, and likely will not for at least a week, while I watch the forums at XDA-Developers and search out the horror stories. There may even be an updated ROM at a later date.

If you have a GSM based Blue Angel variant, and are feeling frisky, then you can go here to download the ROM. Once you get there, you'll need to create a free account on the site in order to get to the download area.

The download is about 32MB in size and is a RAR file, and will require WinRAR to open.

If you install the ROM on your Blue Angel, please post back here and let us know how things go for you, and if you can still make calls, connect Bluetooth devices, use WiFi, etc.



Posted by tk109 at 2005年09月06日 11:37 | トラックバック
Title: WM5.0 for the HTC Blue Angel (PDA2k, MDAIII, Qtek9090, etc.) !!
Excerpt: TKさんのところで知りました。 buzzdev.netで BlueAngel用の Windows Mobile 5.0 が DL できます。 DLにはユーザー登録が必要です。間違いなく腫れちゃう(by Asukal同志)ので自己責任で!!。
From: タイとPDAとモバイルと
Date: 2005.09.06


Posted by: KOTETU at 2005年09月07日 01:08

 うはっ! サスガです! よーく冷やしておきましょう(←腫れ)

Posted by: tk109 at 2005年09月07日 01:17


Posted by: avi at 2005年09月07日 08:51


Posted by: tk109 at 2005年09月07日 10:07


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