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PDAでもP2P‥ さて、どう使おうかな?

[ PDA ]
 ・Pocket G2 - Gnutella P2P client for Pocket PC (Limited Alpha)
 If you are looking for file sharing on your Pocket PC, check out Pocket G2, a new Gnutella client currently in Alpha testing. Some of its main features


 P2P(Gnutella2 Peer-to-Peer protocol)は、仕組み的にもデスクトップPCとかでは、便利に使えるケースも多く考えられますが、さて、モバイルという状況ではこの仕組みをどう生かして使えばいいかな…? (DLはこちらから)


Pocket G2 Features:

  • Supports the standard Gnutella2 Peer-to-Peer protocol which is already home to many thousands of users.

  • A fully decentralized network with no single point of failure.

  • Multi-Source downloads let you download from many sources at the same time.

  • Real-time file verification detects any errors in the download and automatically recovers before the file has finished downloading.

  • Queuing puts you in a waiting line when all sources are busy.

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