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10の条件クリアで無料に… Σ(゜Д゜;エーッ!!

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 ・How to Get a Free iRiver U10 in Hong Kong? (The MP3 Players
 New iPod is cool? I think iRiver U10 is much better than it! It is good to know that iRiver Hong Kong is going to release this thumbthing later this month. Together with this, iRiver Hong Kong has run a promotional campaign called U10 Click Play Debut until 31st October 2005. During this period, iRiver fans have a change to get an U10 for free, if they meet all 10 conditions listed by the company.

iRiverU10.jpg メディアプレーヤーで有名な「iRiver香港」が今夏発売された「iRiver U10」を対象に面白いイベントを仕掛けているようです^^。

 iRiver社が出した10の条件に対して、 1件の条件が当てはまっていれば、10%引き。 2件で20%引き。 10件の条件が全てあてはまっていれば100%引き。つまり「無料」で貰えるというもの…(;゜Д゜)


    1. Born in October
    2. Born at 10th day of the month
    3. Sum of date of birth is 10
    4. Name consisted of 10 alphabets
    5. 10cm long finger
    6. Wear shoes sized of 10
    7. Parent of 10-year-old kid
    8. Own 10 pieces of HK$10 note
    9. 10 pierces in the earlobes
    10. Work/Stay at 10th floor
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